For the few of you who don’t read or every other sports blog in the world, I give you Don Imus on Adam Jones.

Imus was told by anchor Warner Wolf that Jones has “been arrested six times since being drafted by Tennessee in 2005.”

Imus asked, “What color is he?”

“He’s African-American,” Wolf replied.

“Well, there you go,” Imus said. “Now we know.”…

WABC and Citadel Broadcasting Corp. Vice President Phil Boyce said Imus would be explaining his comments on his Tuesday morning show and it was unlikely the broadcasters would take disciplinary action against him.

Boyce said Imus had explained his words in a private conversation Monday afternoon and the explanation was satisfactory.

“I think some people may be misunderstanding what he meant,” said Boyce, who declined to go into further detail.

It just doesn’t seem fair that Warner Wolf has outlasted Michele Marsh.

Update: Imus’s explanation doesn’t seem to help:

“I meant that he was being picked on because he’s black.”

Y’know, like those girls from Rutgers. Also funny how one of the ESPNews anchors went out of his way to say that WABC radio is not affiliated with WABC TV, ESPN or Disney.