Newsday’s Neil Best, for a moment neglecting Joe Buck’s claim that he’s not got a scripted anti-Randy Moss rant at the ready, drops the following tidbit into your afternoon consomme :

I’m hearing SNY is planning some sort of new show (and/or shows) that likely will feature Joe Benigno (above), Scott Ferrall and Chris Carlin, who have become regular personalities on the station.

“I’m hearing” is a cool-sounding way of passing along (well-informed) whispers and making it sound insider-ish.

I hate to take issue with Mr. Watchdog, but there’s nothing “regular” about Joe Benigno-Gazingo’s personality.

Carton would be well advised to steer clear of the gig. He’s already carrying Boomer Esiason Kim Jones on his back 5 mornings a week, and any program that would pair Benigno and Scott Ferrall is doomed. If the former’s face doesn’t terrify SNY viewers, increased exposure to the latter’s voice should do the trick.