….and still, not even a staged hug for A-Rod! From MSNBC.com and the AP :

Derek Jeter drew quite a crowd for this at-bat ” President Bush waving in the stands, Mickey Mantle studying from the dugout.

Made for a perfect picture on Jeter™s new baseball card. Of course, the game never happened.

Instead, this Topps triple play was just someone™s idea of a visual gag. It was a card trick ” somebody at the company produced it through digital manipulation.

œWe saw it in the final proof and we could have axed it, Topps spokesman Clay Luraschi told The Associated Press on Tuesday. œBut we decided to let it run, we wanted to print it. We thought it was hilarious.”

Here’s three words I bet you hoped you’d never have to see together on the same page : “Fran Healy” and “podcast”.