Boston’s Curt Schilling continues to protest that too much is being made of his physical fitness (or lack thereof), all but naming and shaming Larry Lucchino in the process. From the Boston Globe’s Steve Buckley.

œI know that the comments that (sportswriters) make are a lot of times given to them by some unnamed source in the organization, which is disappointing, Schilling said yesterday. œBecause I know it™s people talking who haven™t said a word to me. That™s the way it always works. They™ll try to get a message to us through you (media) guys sometimes without putting their name to it.

Schilling would not name which member or members of the organization are speaking behind his back. But he did excuse Red Sox manager Terry Francona and general manager Theo Epstein (above, right) from his harangue.

œWhen Tito (Francona) has something to say, he™ll say it, Schilling said. œTito will never try to get a message to me through (the media). You know what I™m saying? But there are other people, and it™s in every organization, where they want to inspire a player, motivate a guy, they™ll go to the media and say, ˜Hey, we think so and so and so.™ You know how that works.

When it was pointed out to Schilling that New York Yankees owner George Steinbrenner often has criticized players through the media, Schilling said, œHe never did it anonymously, which I like.

Asked specifically which Red Sox employees he believes are making anonymous comments about him to the media, Schilling™s response, verbatim, was as follows: œPeople. No specific person. And nobody in mind. I just know that this is one of those organizations that there will be things said in the paper from a writer that you know didn™t come from the writer that came from somebody here that wanted to get a message to a player without telling him themselves.

In an unrelated story, GPS manufacturer Tom Tom have enlisted Schilling as one of 70 preloaded voices that can be selected the next time you’re lost in Southie. Though if you’re in a hurry, you might wanna opt for another celebrity.

Quote Of The Day Award goes to Feeding The Monster’s Seth Mnookin, who after reading Murray Chass’ latest Times column (“for the longest time, I had no idea what VORP meant and didn™t care enough to go to any great lengths to find out. I asked some colleagues whose work I respect, and they didn™t know what it meant either,”) was compelled to respond,
It™s been a good long time since I™ve heard a reporter actually brag about his total and utter lack of curiosity regarding his work

I loved watching baseball in the days when I couldn™t identify a breaking ball from high and tight heat. But if it was my job to watch baseball games and then inform the public about these very same games, I™d sure as shit make sure I knew everything I could about the sport, regardless of what language I used to write about what was taking place on the field.