…have questionable taste in men. From the NY Post’s Page Six.

JOHN Rocker knows how to upstage Tom Hanks. The race-baiting ex-Atlanta Braves pitcher was watching “The Da Vinci Code” at the Chelsea Cinemas last week with his black model girl friend, Alicia Marie, when the pair staged a steamy make-out ses sion. “They spent the entire damned movie rubbing noses, kissing, biting, touching each other and feeding each other candy. I mean, get a room already,” said our spy. As Page Six reported in March, Rocker, who spewed a bigoted tirade against non white New York ers during the 1999 Braves- Mets playoffs, has sure changed his stripes. Guess he’s colorblind when a hot babe is involved.

Of particularly annoyance to cinema patrons that evening was Ms. Marie’s loud insistance that her new beau “tell me the story again of how you struck out Will Leitch.”