Whether he composed the following on his Blackberry or his Easy Bake Oven, it doesn’t really matter. Sooner or later, Stephen A. Smith had to be right about something and today is the day. S.A.S. in the Philadephia Inquirer.

It doesn’t appear that Roger Clemens cares about much of anything, at least not with regard to the game’s integrity. And he certainly does not care as much about that as he cares about the money, the publicity, and, more important than anything else, his insatiable need to feel wanted, no matter how phony he looks in the process.

Someday soon, none of this will matter, of course. Clemens’ willingness to manipulate not one, not two, not three, but four franchises will amount to barely a footnote when he strolls into Cooperstown.

Never did Clemens just come out and say, “If I come back, it will be to play for the Houston Astros.” And never, ever, has a big deal been made of the fact that Clemens contractually is allowed to stay at home while the Astros are on the road on days he is not pitching.

In other words, he not only is allowed to play part-time, but also is allowed to be a part-time teammate.

Hey, Philadelphia! How should we feel about players who miss fan appreciation day when this kind of nonsense is allowed?

Take away a couple of championships Clemens bought with the Yankees and he sounds a lot like Terrell Owens.

Other than Smith ignoring the fact that many of us have have made a big deal out of Clemens being allowed to skip Astros road trips when his turn in the rotation doesn’t come up, I think he and his Blackberry deserve a round of applause.