(since Joe Balnton is kinda boring to look at, here’s Austin beautiful Blanton Museum instead)

Earlier today, Philadelphia traded Josh Outman, Adrian Cardenas and Matt Spencer to Oakland in exchange for A’s S Joe BlantonThe 700 Level takes a somewhat sanguine view of the Phillies acquiring a guy who isn’t exactly A.J. Burnett when it comes to changing the balance of the NL East race (or Toronto’s cash flow).

Despite not being anywhere near a top-tier starter, Blanton brings a healthy appetite for innings to the Phillies rotation, though it will likely be as a 4th or even 5th man. His split stats show that he hurls better away from Oakland, but Citizens Bank Park isn’t exactly pitcher-friendly, so we’ll have to wait and see how those stats are affected by the new surroundings.

As of this writing, the Mets are 9 outs away from pulling even with the Phillies for first place in the NL East ; New York leads Cincinatti, 6-5, in the last of the 7th, thanks in large part to a pair of two-run homers by Carlos Delgado (his 18th) and Fernando Tatis (his 5th). Phillies and Marlins fans will have to take some solace in knowing Billy Wagner’s very available after his blown save in the Bronx Tuesday evening, and could well be on the mound in the 9th inning tonight.

Viva El Birdos pays homage to Florida’s Dan Uggla today, the man behind what they’re calling “The Worst All-Star Performance Ever”. Yes, even worse than Eric Young’s analysis.