Though Jerry Stackhouse considers his proposed move to the Meadowlands a 30 day vacation (particularly if he never puts on a Nets jersey), Dallas’ Devean George’s no trade clause  has been cited as the reason Jason Kidd isn’t having a photo op with His Dirkness right this moment. And while the New York Times’ Karen Crouse reveals herself to be a closeted Diabolic fan (“Devean George Enters The Maelstrom As He Rejects Trade”), You Go Live In Utah‘s Amanda was far less detatched in her coverage of the Mavs’ attempts to acquire Jason Kidd, penning the following Valentine note to George :

I hope this note of love finds you well. I know I don’t tell you this often enough but I really love you. Truly. Not even necessarily for your mad skills on the court. I mean, I think you have some skills. But recently, and I don’t know what prompted this, I started to realize what a bad ass I think you are.

I know that there are some 35 year old point guards in the league who some people seem to think are the magical elixir which will bring the Mavericks that title they are so hungry for. Now you and I know that’s not very smart. Because a chance at a title on the back of a 35 year old point guard who will cost the Mavericks more than Roy Tarpley’s eight-ball budget is too risky and not a very good long term plan. I’m glad you and I know that.

I sure am sorry your boss is a dick. One time I worked on this TV show and my boss was a dick and it was really bad. It must be pretty humiliating to have your big-mouthed boss denying for weeks that there were trade talks and that you were involved only to find out that those talks were a reality. No offense but your boss needs to stick to dancing with Marie Osmond.

Anyways, I hope you have fun in Phoenix. I almost think it would be funny for you to brick a couple of shots to get some of your frustration out.