Despite a couple of flights and real-life (cough) responsibilities that have resulted in the tragic neglect of CSTB over the past 36 hours, I wish I could say I managed to miss the Ted Miller of the Seattle Post Intelligencer’s confusing attempt to draw some parallel between the passing of Len Bias and the alleged drug abuse of Barry Bonds.

Twenty years ago Monday.

Trace your finger along the historical timeline of 1986.

The Chicago Bears, AIDS, Libya, President Reagan, Hulk Hogan, Halley’s Comet, Chernobyl, “Top Gun,” Live Aid, Space Shuttle Challenger, $10 barrels of oil, Al Capone’s vault, Mike Tyson, Beirut, Bill Buckner.

Jose Canseco, American League Rookie of the Year.

Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire break into the major leagues.

One drug era begins to end, while the seeds of another arrive.

Bias — and Lawrence Taylor and Steve Howe and Chris Washburn — wanted an edgy way to celebrate themselves. Bonds and company just wanted an edge.

Is one motivation better than the other?