Though former MSG chief Dave Checketts announced earlier today Rush Limbaugh would no longer be part of the former’s group attempting to purchase the NFL’s St. Louis Rams, Sports On My Mind’s MODI notes the recent denounciation of Limbaugh by the Giants’ Mathias Kiwanuka and wonders, “where do ‘white people’ stand on this?”   Well, ESPN’s Colin Cowherd went on record Tuesday morning, comparing Limbaugh’s case to that of Michael Vick (ie. why should one guy get a second chance and another be villifed?) and suggeste in all seriousness that objections to Limbaugh’s proposed purchase were an attempt to stifle free speech.  As such, wouldn’t it be great if noted social commentator Brett Favre was asked to weigh in?

There is simply no greater social standing in sports than the great white quarterback, and Donovan McNabb can only nail two of the three criteria.  So the question becomes:

What does Brett Favre think?

Favre™s voice could have a social impact like no other sports figure. He is football™s most iconic active player, and is also a country-boy born and raised in Mississippi  “ a state whose ugly racial history is well-documented. Would Favre use his  voice to œreduce the hate at a time where mass racial hatred is as publicly visible as any time since the 1960s? Or would he be more concerned that œracists buy Wranglers too?

What does Tom Brady think?

As a member of the Republican Party, he is in a prime position to throw his greatest pass. By denouncing Limbaugh™s ownership bid, Brady can prove that Rush does not own him ” unlike the congressman in his party. Brady can make an incredibly powerful statement that racism and Republicanism do not have to share the same bed, and that hatred and bigotry should never be reduced to a œpolitical issue alongside alternate viewpoints on deficit reduction or campaign finance reform.

What does Kurt Warner think?

Warner “ who once led the St. Louis Cardinals to its only Super Bowl “ is also a well-known devout Christian committed to spreading the principles. Does Rush Limbaugh reflect those principles? Warner™s words could send a much-needed message to fellow Christians that Limbaugh™s racism is an anti- Christian perversion of his religion.