Sasha Frere-Jones, while not necessarily unavailable for comment, isn’t gonna be called about this, either. From the Austin American-Statesman’s Bevo Beat.

Texas head coach Mack Brown said he knew nothing of the œCrank That (Soulja Boy) dance, which has become a YouTube sensation, until he saw his team dancing to the tune during its game at Central Florida.

œIf we were having a dance contest, we would™ve won, Brown told the Austin Longhorn Club on Thursday.

œDo y™all do this all the time? Brown quoted new assistant Larry Mac Duff as asking him that day. œI said, ˜I™ve never seen it before.™ œ

Despite his jokes, Brown made it clear that he wasn™t amused and told his team that he didn™t want to see any more sideline displays. œWhy don™t we start tackling and stop dancing, he says he told the team.

Brown is decidedly old-school on such things. He doesn™t care much for individual celebrations, either. And that™s putting it mildly.

œI can™t stand it, Brown said. œIt makes we want to throw up.