There’s an action packed thread taking place over at the venerable Baseball Think Factory (what else is new?), this one concerning the Human Whoopee Cushion’s clumsy handling of the Jason Grimsley affidavit, and his subsequent apology for implicating Albert Pujols’ trainer, Chris Mihlfeld.

In additon to learning that my long-standing enmity towards Will Leitch is based on a “Cards/Cubs rivalry” (!), further revelations were provided by avowed CSTB non-reader Garth Sears.

Will Leitch, editor-in-chief and main writer of, used to be the editor-in-chief I believe of The Sporting News and I would imagine is one of the finer and best-paid sports bloggers out there. As such, I’m sure he has very good sources in many places. He’s actually turning his profession into a money-making proposition. Go figure.

Screech was an associate/online editor for The Sporting News.  He did, however, discover the internet and was personally responsible for finding the Lindbergh baby.

That said, Sears must be way older than me. I can’t remember when prostitution wasn’t a money-making proposition (and his mom giving out free samples really doesn’t count).