From Chicago’s CBS 2 :

A former big league baseball player from the southwest suburbs is charged with theft and assault.

Scott Spiezio and his female companion are accused of refusing to pay a cab fare in Chicago.

The couple and the cabbie argued in front of the Westin Hotel on Michigan Avenue early Thursday morning.

Spiezio threw several punches that missed.

Later, when police dialed the cabbie’s cell phone, it rang inside a purse belonging to Spiezio’s companion.

Spiezio grew up in Joliet and now lives in Morris, Illinois.

He was released by Seattle this summer after nine big league seasons.

When he’s not hanging around major league clubhouses or picking fights with cab drivers, Spiezio (far right) is the vocalist for Sandfrog, a band that helpfully describes themselves as “one half hard rock, 29% grunge, and two-fifths metal.”

The remaining 1%, is of course, love.