Has this ever happened to you? – you’re sitting around your untidy home watching a succession on analysts, liars, professional panderers and yes-bots attempt to parse the latest efforts at fear-mongering, hate-fuckery and scapegoating….when suddenly, with no prior warning (except perhaps, the pile of oily rags sitting in the hot sun that you’ve been rolling around in) YOU SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST. That’s it, ashes and random human bits, everywhere. Who’s gonna clean this mess up? Not you, you’ve spontaneously combusted.

This week’s program digs deep into this wildly misunderstood phenomenon, though your wildly misunderstood host will from time to time select a musical interlude because you’ve been known to have the attention span of a squirrel (and not a particularly attractive squirrel, at that).

Warm Red – Legwork
The Outskirts – Blue Line
Von Südenfed – The Rhinohead
Deutsch-Amerikanischen Freundschaft – track 3
“Chameleon Street” trailer
Wormhook – Thread
Easter Monkeys – Cheap Heroin

Cokehead – Wendy Carlos This Mix
Thomas Brinkman – Agent Orange
Teoss – Berliner
Absolute Body Control – Slow Action (reel to reel)
Territorial Gobbing – The Dracula Experience VIP Lounge
Taiwan Housing Project – Toxic Garbage People

Problem Solver – Deal’s Off
The Dismasters – Small Time Hustlers
Deuces Wild – Five Times Rhymer
Kaotic Stylin – Check It Out
Brainsick Enterprize – Time To Shine
Mantronix – Needle To The Groove
Unown & DJ Ragz – Wierdos

Mordecai – Pointed
Dr. Pete Larsen & His Cytotoxic Nyatti Band – Koblo
Guo – Guo 1