You might not have enough money to go new wave, but even the most financially challenged amongst us can stumble across the Rejuvenique Facial Toning mask at your local charity shop. This 1999 innovation was designed to bring youthful, toned skin results to the consumer (aspirational goals : Linda Evans, Gerry Cheevers). Though this product was not FDA approved, are you really going to let a bunch of deep state bureaucrats nanny-block your personal beauty goals?

While the history of the Rejuvenique Facial Toning Mask is discussed at length during the program, I am sorry to say that due to licensing issues, neither the music of Cyndi Lauper or S.P.K. was available for this episode and as such, I’ve had to made a series of last-minute substitutions. Since there’s no show next week, I am hopeful the business affairs department will finally get their act together.

tracklist :

Sandra Bell – Industrial Night
Screensaver – Meds
Orie Mars Orie – Joe’s Drums
Xylitol – There’s Something In Your Void
Magazine – Recoil
GG King – Epoch Rock
Thousandaire – One Day I’ll Finally Go Deaf
Evil Dust – Desolation
New Tendencies – A
Container – Nozzle
Shitcluster – They’re Not Gonna Buy Things Anymore. The Businesses Will Grow Dramatically With The People That Occupy Peoples Time In One Way Or Another (Parts 1 & 2)
Slikback – Heartfield
They Hate Change – Screwface
Vivien Goldman – Private Armies
The Dead C. – Grunt Machine
Axebreaker – Mother Of Terror
Kevin Harrison – Cyclotron
Stefan Christensen – Passage Thruways Bent
Bruce Langhorne – Riding Thru The Rain
Park McArthur – Priscilla
Drunk Elk – Traveling Through Space With Roky Erickson
Clifton Joey Guidry III – Shut The Fuck Up & Listen ?We Bow To No Masters – Five Demands, Not One Less
Tim Daisy – Insects & Clips