A sincere apology to all CSTB readers who expect me to keep up on ESPN “Insider” content you’re unwilling or unable to pay for. A biz trip to London earlier this week fucked with my internal and external clocks and instead of checking to see what Peter Gammons thinks of the new Facedowninshit CD, ‘Nothing Positive, Only Negative’ (hint : I haven’t heard it, but I hope Kay Hanley makes a guest appearance), I got caught up in all kinds of lunacy. Like for instance, who the fuck are all these new cast members on “EastEnders”? Why did they have to bring back “Stone Cold” Phil Mitchell and his ugly younger brother? Whatever happened to that loveable Ferreira family? Does no one else care about DJ Rony’s career?

Anyhow, Lil Dice at I Heart KG is not only dilligent enough to capture terrific photographs of Bob “No Relation To Scot” Pollard, but she also spied the following item from ESPN’s Chris Sheridan last Tuesday.

Latrell Sprewell answered his front door with his face contorted into his unmistakable scowl, his anger barely under control as he made it clear he was not accepting visitors and was in no mood to talk.

“Get off my property right now or I’ll send someone out there to take your head off!”

So ended the briefest of encounters early Sunday afternoon a few miles north of downtown Milwaukee, the biggest mystery of the NBA season.

Seeking some answers, ESPN.com reached out to Sprewell through his agent and his publicist, as well as through voice mails on his cell phone, before resorting to the oldest reporting technique in the book — showing up on his doorstep in the hopes that the sight of a familiar face from his days in New York might coax him into providing some sort of insight into whether he’s considering a return to the NBA before this season ends.

The deep thump-thump-thump of a woofer-fueled bass line was causing the windows in Sprewell’s front foyer to shimmer as he answered his door on the third ring wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and sweat pants. His order to skedaddle was heeded without hesitation or argument.

“Watch out for the dogs,” a Bucks scout had warned.

But judging by Sprewell’s demeanor and his growl, the biggest threat to life and limb was standing on two legs, not four. Good luck to the next Jehovah’s Witness who tries to engage him in a friendly discussion of the Bible.