The Boston Globe’s Shira Springer updates those of us eagerly awaiting details concerning Isiah Thomas’ long-awaited day in court.

A trial date has been scheduled for Sept. 10, but reading between the lines of a 55-page opinion rendered by Federal Judge Gerard E. Lynch last week denying motions for summary judgment in the matter of former Knicks executive Anucha Browne Sanders (above) versus Madison Square Garden, Knicks owner James Dolan, and Thomas, there is good reason for both parties to reconsider a settlement.

Lynch believed “the flavor of the allegations” was conveyed by two alleged episodes. First, according to Browne Sanders, Thomas “said that he loved her and requested that she ‘go off site’ with him.” While Thomas disputes this, the opinion continues, “Thomas acknowledges that in December 2005, at a Knicks game, he attempted to kiss Browne Sanders on the cheek, when Browne Sanders pulled away, Thomas replied, ‘No love today?’ “

Whether Browne Sanders was sexually harassed and then terminated in retaliation for the charges against Thomas remains at the crux of the lawsuit. But in the decision, the judge points out that the defendants could be perceived to have more reasons than ordinary employers to retaliate by terminating Browne Sanders.

An experienced employment lawyer familiar with the opinion said, “Judge Lynch made clear the risks all parties face to their credibility and reputations before a jury, as well as the uphill battle the defendants face on the retaliation claim at trial. This is dirty laundry I doubt David Stern wants further aired.”

Count the Indianpolis Star’s Bob Kravitz amongst those who don’t have a problem with Reggie Miller coming out of retirement to join the Celtics, “even if the thought of Tommy Heinsohn screaming “Boom, baby!” makes me a little sick to my stomach.”

The whole notion that he would taint his legacy is ludicrous beyond words. Reggie is Mr. Pacer, period. Reggie can go to Venezuela, Tierra del Fuego and Sri Lanka, and he’ll be the Pacers’ Reggie Miller.

When Johnny Unitas finished his career in San Diego, did anybody relate him to any uniform besides that of the Baltimore Colts?

Some Boston-area radio show hosts called me this week to talk about Uncle Reggie, and here’s what I told them:

Can he still play?
Let me answer the question with a question: How many current NBA players can consistently make a long-range jumper?
If the Celtics limit Miller’s minutes to 15 per night and make sure he saves those legs, he will make opponents pay for double-teaming Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen.

Could he handle going from a superstar to a role player?

You could tell the Boston-area guys asking the question know absolutely nothing about Miller. What I told them was, this guy was almost too deferential to the young players when it came time for the Pacers to rebuild about the 2000 season. He nurtured Jermaine O’Neal. He fed Ron Artest. He was passing the ball and passing the torch. If anything, you wished he would have been a little bit more selfish.