…but on the bright side, unlike Boris Becker, he’s not accused of playing “tonsil hockey.” From the Palm Beach Post’s Jose Lambiet.

Page Two ran into Dallas sharpshooter Jerry Stackhouse at the hot late-night restaurant/nightclub The Forge on Wednesday night, less than 20 hours before the all-important Game 4.

It’s not that the 31-year-old “Stack” was dancing on tables, mind you. But he did have some drinks, including what looked like a small cocktail and a Corona, with his fish entrée. He seemed to enjoy as much, meanwhile, the three dancers wiggling suggestively near his table.

Stack ” who wasn’t very good in Game 3 and had a slow start in Game 4 ” got involved in deep conversation with former Chicago Bulls star Scottie Pippen, former New York Knick and ESPN analyst Greg Anthony, and Denver guard Howard Eisley, all at a nearby table.

“Did he get drunk?” Dallas owner Mark Cuban asked when told about Stackhouse’s jaunt. “That’s all I care about. A couple of beers won’t hurt him. If Thursday’s game had started at noon, then we would have had a problem. But a 9 p.m. start? Hey, I can’t sleep, either, the night before a game.”

I think the Owner With A Boner doth protest too little. If the Mavs have any hope of contending in Game 5, they need to impose a team rule against hanging out with Greg Anthony.