Given Howard Schultz’ malpractice in ushering the Sonics out of Seattle, should he really be surprised that an Issaquah, WA book signing might provoke some ill-will? From the Issaquah Press’ Warren Kagarise, last Friday evening :

The heckler cursed at Schultz and shouted, “You betrayed the whole city of Seattle!” before Costco employees and a police officer whisked the man out of the store during the otherwise-quiet event. Schultz smiled and signed “Onward: How Starbucks Fought for Its Life Without Losing Its Soul” — a bestselling account of Starbucks’ turnaround — for other patrons.

Costco employees and off-duty Issaquah police officers steered people in Sonics regalia away from the signing table. Overall, about 200 people turned out for the early afternoon appearance.

“Sonicsgate” producer Adam Brown showed up in a Sonics ball cap and filmed the book signing on a cellphone camera, before security intervened.

“They saw my hat, and I walked to the back of the line, and then after about 10 seconds, they came and kicked me out,” Brown said. “They wouldn’t tell me anything about why, and I said, ‘Is it because of my clothes? Is it because I’m wearing Sonics stuff?’ and they were just like, ‘Howard Schultz has asked that you leave the premises.’”