If you’ve got Barry Bonds on your fantasy baseball team, it looks like your season is over. If you’re Brian Sabean and you’ve assembled some pricey veteran talent in a last ditch attempt to win a ring for/with Barry, your season might still have life in it, if only because the NL West has a smaller talent pool than the average fantasy league. From ESPN’s Jayson Stark.

Bonds, according to a number of sources, is attached to an I.V. full of antibiotics 24 hours a day — with no end to that ordeal in sight.

There is no answer because Bonds is no longer dealing with the aftermath of “just” a baseball injury or “just” a knee operation. He is dealing with a potentially serious post-operative infection that has him essentially immobilized for the foreseeable future.

So there is no timeline for Bonds’ rehab, because right now, there is no rehab. Bonds’ case is in the hands of Dr. Robert Armstrong, an infectious disease specialist. And that won’t change until Dr. Armstrong is certain the infection is completely absent.

That could be a matter of days, but it also could be a matter of weeks. Infections to the knee are particularly precarious — because of the risk of infection to the bone itself — and it’s believed that Bonds’ medical team plans to be extra cautious before deciding to clear him to resume his rehab.

By then, however, Bonds might be so weakened by several weeks of nearly total immobility that his rehab almost certainly will be significantly longer than the normal four-to-six-week schedule that faces most patients following arthroscopic knee surgery.