Though countless US papers are augmenting their hoops coverage with daily, web-only content, amongst the most blogtastic is Dave D’Allessandro’s always provocative “Nets Blast”. From yesterday’s entry, courtesy of the Newark Star-Ledger.

A) Do you think VC ‘tanked’ the first part of last season? Personally, I watched all those games, and don’t think he did. It was a pretty small sampling of games, and the 15.4 ppg was brought down by a couple 3 or 4 pt. games he hardly played in. The comments in the interview were not the mea culpa that everyone made them out to be. As you know, Vince can seem oblivious of his critics at times.
B) Assuming that he didn’t play his best for a team that he didn’t want to be on, what should we think? For me, I don’t care. Whenever I hear sports writers moralizing, or talking about “character, I can’t help think about what spineless pukes they probably are.
Brad Warne


The Nets are off to an early lead this evening in Charlotte ; if Mark Jackson isn’t on the telecast, it’s just as well. It’s hard to concentrate when Reggie Miller is sending text messages about all the money that accountant stole.