Interesting stuff (really!) on Charley Steiner’s XM Home Plate program today with the Dallas Morning News’ Evan Grant. Steiner, the 15th most talented radio host (….on satellite radio) had asked Grant for his thoughts on Kenny Rogers’ recent attack on TV cameramen. Grant observed that in the past 100 days, the Rangers have been accessories to a) Francisco Cordero throwing a chair at fans, b) Ryan Dreese and Rod Barajas wrestling in the dugout and c) the Gambler manhandling a 5’3″ photojournalist. Put ’em all together, Grant opined, and you might conclude that neither fans, media or players are safe near the Texas Rangers.

When asked by Steiner if he had any guesses as to why there’s such a violent atmosphere surrounding the Rangers, Grant said “Maybe they’re wound a little too tight?”

“Could this be the fault of manager Buck Showalter?”, inquired Steiner.

“Uh, you said that Charley, not me.” squeaked Grant.

Like we all couldn’t see where that one was headed.

Hey, at least nobody in Arlington is wearing their cap backwards.