Marbury’s twitter account might provide me with easy content, but stuff like this is totally taking food out of Marc Berman’s mouth.  Going to further lengths to describe the exit of Knicks head coach Mike D’Antoni, the New York Post’s Peter Vecsey claims PG Jeremy Lin, “became both D’Antoni’s savior and executioner.” (“He saved his job and that seemingly cost the coach who flip-flopped between Melo and Lin as focal ‘points’ before settling on the learning-on-the-job playmaker.”)

“Melo is not an ancillary player!” accentuated an NBA head coach. “If he’s not going to be the man then you better have a better man on the firing line. Lin is a good player and will have a decent career, but having Melo off in the corner waiting to get involved is appalling.”

Not coincidentally, the Knicks were 2-8 (before last night’s game with the Blazers) since Melo returned from the injury. Sunday’s home horror show against the Sixers — coming out apathetic twice from the locker room — appeared to be the last scarlet letter on D’Antoni’s sweater.

That said, James Dolan should never be let off the hook for contaminating last season’s aromatic atmosphere. Having cultivated an Isiah-like crush on Anthony, he had no qualms about undermining Stoudemire’s exemplary leadership and exquisite production.

An uninsured player, mind you, Dolan frivolously paid $45 million extra to outbid the Suns, whose celebrated medical staff had cautioned owner Robert Sarver to offer no more than three years due to knee and back concerns. This is year two and Stoudemire already is noticeably not the specimen he was last season.