Deposed WGN announcer Steve Stone, while noting the Cubbies’ recent hot streak, is happy to remind us that he spoke the truth last summer and the messenger was killed for his trouble. From the Daily Herald’s Barry Rozner.

Stone can™t help but be amused when he reads players say the very things Stone said last year that supposedly made him the bad guy.

œAlmost verbatim, Kerry Wood is saying what I said about his mechanics for the last five years, about not flying open and staying under control and not throwing across his body,™™ Stone laughed. œNow they™re talking about how they lost focus last year and were terrible on the bases and in the field, but I was a villain when I said it.

œYou look at how Luis Gonzalez and Thom Brennaman handled their little dust-up recently (in Arizona). The organization backed up Thom, and Luis met with him face to face, two things I couldn™t make happen last year.

œThat™s a little frustrating, but what can you do? I™m glad they (Cubs) are on a roll now. I told Andy (MacPhail) three weeks ago this was coming. He said, ˜I hope you™re right.™ Turns out, this time I was.™™