(the bad news is that there’s no sign of Bill Bellamy quitting)

The New York Post’s Marc Berman
reports Knicks PG Steve Francis’ ailing right knee might result in early retirement.

“You know a terrorist alert, when a security alert is orange,” Francis said. “That’s my frustration level.”Francis’s comeback lasted all of five games. He had rehabbed in Houston for five weeks before returning two weeks ago on the West Coast trip entering the All-Star break.

After missing Friday’s foul-aided 95-93 win over Milwaukee, Francis sat out last night’s 101-92 loss to the Nets. Asked if this may be it, Francis said, “I don’t know. I don’t want to say something that isn’t there but I’m not sure. You just got to be smart.”

The following tidbit appeared in the Nets.com pregame notes yesterday :

Bernard Robinson slipped on the ice outside of his hotel, hurting his knee.

Fill-in your own snowboarding joke.

Not only is Flip Saunders calling Sid Hartman a liar, but he’s convinced that he’s at the top of his profession.

“I made a decision back when I left college at Tulsa and went to the CBA that this (NBA) is the route I would go and that’s where I’m at,” Saunders said. “When I am old — and I am not that old, yet — I could see myself coaching a high school team or a small college team, just to coach, but I am not at that point yet.”

Rick Pitino and Tim Floyd were unavailable for comment.

(video link swiped from True Hoop).  Yuck, yuck yuck. While this isn’t one of the “lame commercials” the Owner With A Boner raged about, I’m also unconvinced the D-Wade signature model Sidekick III is a particularly good deal.