“Life is good for Jason Giambi,” insists the NY Daily News’ Marc Feisand, though reminding us that ” it hasn’t been so easy for the Yankees’ slugger for the past few years, as he found himself embroiled in the BALCO steroids controversy, battled a mysterious illness and watched his status as one of the fiercest hitters in the game wither away in the blink of an eye.”

Those experiences could have destroyed Giambi’s career. Instead, they strengthened his resolve.

“I’ve gone through some tough times, so I’m definitely stronger,” Giambi said yesterday. “I might have come over here as a boy, but I’m a man now. There’s no doubt about it.”

Giambi has realized his desire to win outweighs his desire to post numbers for the back of his baseball card.

“Over the last couple years, being hurt with my wrist and my knee, I didn’t go on the DL,” Giambi said. “I may have sacrificed some personal numbers, but it gave me more gratification when we won. It was better than hitting .290 and not making the playoffs. You learn that as you get older that it’s all about winning.”

More importantly, Giambi has erased the fear of failure from his head. After all, when you’ve hit .208 with 12 home runs as recently as three years ago – and survived – what is there to be afraid of?

An indictment?  Dropping dead?  Shrinkage? Anybody else have an idea?