Reason No. 1 The Iggles Should Trade Donovan McNabb  ; because when and if they finally dispense of their formerly talismanic QB,  Bernard Hopkins might see fit to shut the fuck up when it concerns McNabb’s multitude of shortcomings.  Apparently, Roy Jones Jr. can be taken so lightly at this stage of his career, training for Saturday’s fight can take a back seat to repeated bashing of a guy from another sport. The Fanhouse’s Michael David Smith provides the transcript to an online chat from Wednesday afternoon.

[Comment From Keith: ] In the past, you have been highly critical of your hometown quarterback, Donovan McNabb. What are your thoughts on his probable exit from Philly and the Eagles’ future under Kevin Kolb?

Bernard Hopkins: After my victory Saturday night I’m going to have a big party where we celebrate sending McNabb where ever he goes. The Eagles have a chance to get to a Super Bowl and a change is well overdue. I think the starter should be Michael Vick and the backup should be Kevin Kolb but I think both guys should get a chance and Vick might still need some time to get comfortable. I’d actually like to see them mix both guys up. I think either one, both having different styles, can be successful.

Vick is a running quarterback. McNabb was a running quarterback early in his career with the Eagles but he changed. Somebody suggested that he should stay in the pocket. And I’m like, McNabb, don’t be an idiot. God gave you the ability — take advantage of that. It’s not a bad thing, it’s a good thing.