(the family that bench presses together…gets suspended together. All that heavy lifting…and they can’t pick up after themselves!)

Who amongst us doesn’t have a parent or older relative guilty of oversharing on Facebook?  For Perry County (TN) offensive linemen Rodney and Ryan Belasic, the results of their mother’s F-book status updates weren’t merely embarrassing, but ended up costing their previously unbeaten Vikings team a pair of early 2011 wins, as the Tennessean’s Chip Cirillo explains ;

“(Perry County) inadvertently played ineligible athletes in the first three ballgames,” TSSAA Executive Director Bernard Childress said. “It was two brothers that transferred. They got a residence in Perry County, but they had not vacated their residence completely in Henry County.”

Childress said school officials thought the players’ entire family had moved to Perry County during the summer.

“But the mother actually works in Henry County, and she posted on her Facebook page that she sent the kids back to Perry County for the week and that she would not see them again until Friday night,” Childress said. “Then, later on her Facebook page, she posted, ‘How can two boys mess up their room as badly as they do when they’re only here on Saturday and Sunday?’ ”