Former Mets OF Darryl Strawberry was a guest of WFAN’s Craig Carton and Boomer Esiason this morning, and you probably won’t be surprised learn the hot topics of conversation weren’t the Citi Field Shake Shake or the Amazins’ struggles with runners in scoring position.  Straw’s got a new autobiography on the shelves, and as such, Carton thought it appropriate to quiz the Crenshaw High product about his less-than-spirtual side (interview transcriptions taken from Sports Radio Interviews, link courtesy Baseball Think Factory)

On going from a shy, quiet kid to the sexual beast he became:

I really wasn’t that high on ladies when I was in high school and coming up. I thought they were a major distraction, I was focused. All of a sudden I come to the level of getting to the big leagues and I remember my first experience, I went to San Diego and a girl called and said she was a reporter and wanted to meet me. I went downstairs and there it was, she was definitely a 10 and boom I was like, ‘Well this is what it’s like. ‘I thought it was pretty incredible. At that time in my life, there was no question. I wasn’t turning it down.

How many women did he sleep with?

I don’t know. More than you should have, just put it like that.

More than 1,000?

Oh yeah, of course.

More than 5,000?

Oh no, I won’t stretch it that far.

What is the most women he’s been with at one time? Four?

No no, I never went down that road.Maybe three.