(above : former professional athlete/sociologist J. Rocker signs Robert Tufts’ anti-tomahawk petition)

Atlanta’s NLDS exit at the hands of the Giants Monday night ended the former’s season, Bobby Cox’s managerial career and reportedly, marked the start of Fredi Gonzalez’ tenure as new Braves skipper.  In the considered view of the Examiner’s Robert Tufts, that’s not the only new leaf that oughta be turned over.

Now can Atlanta finally put an end to the warrior chants, foam tomahawks and tomahawk chops by a predominantly white suburban crowd? They are patently offensive – as is the Cleveland Indians logo pictured alongside this piece – and should be put on the trash heap of rallying cries.

When ex-major league pitcher John Rocker spouted some definitely un-politcally correct sentiments, he was chastised by his team and the league. However, Major League Baseball does collect a percentage of the marketing revenue from the sale of the Braves and Indians merchadnise, so I do not expect sensitivity when money is involved.