(Hey now! Been there, done that!)

Since it isn’t easy to generate buzz for one of two competing network comedies not-so-loosely based on SNL’s backstage politics, the one that doesn’t feature Tina Fey has launched a bloggeroony with name, font and format obviously lifted from one of Gawker Media’s occasionally entertaining properties.

Perhaps the creators of Defaker should’ve taken a tip from the real deal — unmoderated comments can be a real bitch.

yeah studio 60 used to be cool when the cast hoovered up coke in the green room with billy preston. now it is like watching skit night at a sorority house. no wait, that’s saturday night live.

shouldn’t a show like studio 60 have 2 showrunners? one non-sorkin to write stuff that actually makes people laugh and one sorkin to write self-indulgent pap for people who take the entertainment industry waaayyyyyy to seriously? that isn’t a rhetorical question. – – rupert pupkin

I heard that Jeff Zucker has a monster cocaine habit. I also heard that he’s only kept his job so long because he’s been blackmailing NBC CEO Bob Wright with photographs showing Wright in a compromising position with a Cambodian boy! (These aren’t facts — just rumors I’ve heard circulating through Hollywood). – Barry

I’d like to be a fan of Studio 60 too, but I keep running in to the harsh reality of Studio $6.75 – where janitors work full time for poverty wages and no health care benefits. Somehow a critique of the harsh corporate realities of the studio system doesn’t work as well when it is being put out by a company that is fighting its lowest paid workers’ efforts for a better life. – Steve

Is it true that Jamie Tarses got Matthew Perry hooked on Vicodin? I heard it from Matt Albie and Jordan McDeere. Boycott NBC and their advertisers. – Naomi Klein No Logo