Your globetrotting, somewhat hallucinating editor attended QPR’s 1-0 defeat of Charlton Athletic yesterday, a 14th minute Dexter Blackstock strike putting a cruel end to the visitors’ promotion hopes. My seat in F block of South Africa Road was conveniently placed in-betwixt two individuals (and I’m going to be as kind as possible here) who seem to have fully embraced the John Kruk Lifestyle. Thrilled as I was to be seeing my beloved Rangers in person for the first time in months, the overall experience was somewhat akin to my entire body being placed in a vice.

I realize there are persons who would pay good money for that sort of thing — at least one friend of Bernie Ecclestone comes to mind. But the problem is, I did pay good money — £25.00, not counting TicketBastard’s booking fees. So imagine how pleased I was to read the following in Sunday’s edition of The News Of The World :

‘Rich fans are giving the bum’s rush to 300 QPR season ticket holders – to make room for bigger seats for themselves. The club want celebs like Naomi Campbell to sprawl in luxury while eating their prawn sandwiches. The chants might make them sit up though.’

If there’s any truth to the above, my own complaints are rather petty. Shouldn’t QPR at least wait until they’ve achieved a mid-table finish in the Championship before fully morphing into Chelsea, at least in terms of how the public are treated?