(Freddy Kanoute has scored 3 goals in Sevilla’s first two matches)

Unbeaten since April and in first place following Saturday’s 3-1 win at Real Sociedad, the Guardian’s Sid Lowe hails Sevilla as ” a tough, powerful, quick side with real width, capable of completely steam-rolling their opposition.”  Trouble is, unless you’re at the match, you’d never know.

They have a stubborn president with a sense of self-importance as inflated as his head his polished – the former lawyer to the late construction criminal, fraudster and Atlético Madrid president Jesús Gil, José María Del Nido. A man who has declared himself “the second most important man in Seville after the Pope” and recently claimed to be “insulted” by the treatment meted out to Sevilla by Spain’s television companies. A man who has retaliated by refusing to allow Sevilla’s matches to be televised. By anyone. It’s not just Spanish television: despite being part of a collective deal, you won’t catch Sevilla on Sky, while American channels have also been banned from showing them. There’s not even any provision for highlights packages or goals for news bulletins and round-up shows. Luckily, while Sevilla denied access to any cameras at all in Week 1, Real Sociedad did let cameras in last night. Hand-held ones.

And so it is that the best team Sevilla have ever had is simply going unwatched. So it was that this weekend fans had to watch out for rockets. Or watch Spain’s new version of Soccer Saturday, only with intrepid reporter Nacho García sitting on the Anoeta running track rather than Phil Thompson sitting in an Isleworth studio. Or wait for TVE to show the goals thanks to a pitch-side cameraman producing the best footballing home video since Kieron Dyer took his camcorder to Ayia Napa. Or read this morning’s papers, with Marca not entirely truthfully declaring: “You can see the game here.” Alongside the match report, they added photos and chalkboards that revealed just two things – that Marca’s graphics package needs an urgent overhaul and that the little black circle that is Asier Riesgo was horribly out of position.