Salutations (again) to Austin’s Alamo Drafthouse on Monday night’s screening of the classic Quincy episode, “Next Stop Nowhere”. Lord & Lady CSTB attended said event and not only were we blown away by the NBC drama’s accurate depiction of that era’s punk rock scene, but we were equally impressed with the archival footage of the infamous “CHiPs”, “Battle Of The Bands” episode. Mohicaned punk rebels Pain, fronted by beat guru Thrasher (as played by a young William Forsythe) attacked the blatant conformity and ennui of the blow-dry / new wave scene with their primitive avant-anthem, “I Dig Pain”.

Take a piece of concrete,
and stick it in my face,
I like to play with razor-blades,
I hate the human race.

Kick me when I’m down,
come up and rip my shirt,
my dad will buy another one,
especially if I’m hurt.

Cause I dig pain,
the feelin in my brain,
the scratchin,
the bashin,
the clawin,
the trashing,
the given,
the gettin,
and the total blood lettin,
drive me insane,
I dig pain.

I love to do the pogo,
and I love to do the slam,
but it’s nothing like the feeling,
of a knife stuck in my hand.

Now you can never stop me,
from being what i choose,
and if you try to shut me up,
some skin you’re gonna lose.

(despite have starred alongside the likes of Howie Long, Brian Bosworth, Edward James Olmos, Vincent Gallo and Rob Schneider, could Forsythe have done his best work in one of his earliest TV appearances?)

Not to discount the importance of the Quincy episode, but we really need to know more about this song. Who wrote it? Are the vocals actually Forsythe’s? Was anything else recorded? Has anyone covered it?