Congrats (again) to ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd, who continues to make XM’s Tony Kornheiser look like a broadcasting genius by comparison every time he opens his mouth. Yesterday, while commenting on Congress’ plans to have several high-profile baseball stars testify as to what they do or don’t know about steroid use, Cowherd suggested that Sammy Sosa might try to weasel out of it by pretending he doesn’t understand English.

There are a lot of substantial reasons to knock Sammy Sosa. His schtick got pretty tired even before the ex-Cubs outfielder got cranky or saw his numbers drop. But as someone who would rather not see Mark McGwire come off as Dick Clark versus Barry Bonds’ Alan Freed, I think there’s something a little creepy about an unfunny morning radio hack being so quick to depict Sosa as a crooked Chico Escuela.