Through 2001, Roberto Alomar had been an 12-time All-Star, had collected 10 Gold Gloves and was well within sight of 3000 hits.  Alomar’s 2001 acquisition by the New York Mets was meant to be the coda on a Hall Of Fame career, but as any fan from that period could tell you, the second-baseman’s lethargic performances seemed more in character for a player 10-15 years older.

On Tuesday, Alomar was hit with a $15 million lawsuit by a former girlfriend who claims she and the ballplayer had unprotected sex while the latter was aware he was HIV positive.   The Daily News item linked above has no shortage of gruesome details, as does this morning’s entry from The Smoking Gun.   Without making any guesses about the validity of the aforementioned lawsuit, if the reports concerning Alomar’s physical condition (including a suggestion the Tampa Rays had reason to suspect HIV infection in 2005) are true, this might put an entirely different spin on his unwatchable final 3 seasons in the big leagues.

(UPDATE, 8:30pm :  calling the rift with former girlfriend Ilya Dall “a very private, personal matter”, Alomar insists “I am in very good health and I ask that you respect my privacy during this time.”)