From the Oakland Tribune’s Andrew Baggerly.

Barry Bonds plans to wear red, white and blue in March.

Bonds has agreed to play for the U.S. team in the World Baseball Classic, adding instant credibility to the inaugural event and perhaps also giving the Giants some cause for concern.

Agent Jeff Borris confirmed that Bonds has told the Players’ Association that he intends to participate.

“It’s not official,” Borris said. “There are still a few details to be worked out. But he has agreed to play.”

Union special assistant Bobby Bonilla said Bonds was one of the first players that he called to recruit shortly after the regular season ended.

“I’m ecstatic,” Bonilla said. “He pretty much agreed in principle to play without hesitation. I’m just happy he’s going to be a part of it.

“It’s huge. We need the best player in the game, and we’ve got him.

Until this item appeared, I was unaware that Bobby Bonilla was employed by the union, which is kind of a shame. Much the way the Mets tried to bring Darryl Strawberry and other former Flushing fixtures back into the fold last season, I was hopeful Bonilla would receive a similar invitation — Special Ambassador To The Bronx, perhaps.