(Pat, on the right, back in the days when we didn’t have to worry about Joe Buck making an inevitable “Simpsons” cameo)

The lighter side (well, not really) of Pat Summerall’s post-liver transplant delirium, as told to the New York Times’ Richard Sandomir.

As he recounts in his new autobiography, œSummerall: On and Off the Air (Nelson Books), he nearly died before his transplant. In the days after the surgery, he went from being irritable to turning œberserk, the result, doctors said, of fatigue and his medication.

He screamed at his family, shouted, demanded that he be flown home on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones™s jet, refused his medication, ran down the hospital corridor with his gown flapping open (a sight topped by a towel on his head as a turban) and insisted that parts of his body were gone.

œPat, what is wrong with you? his wife, Cheri, asked.

œWhat do you think is wrong with me? he answered. œMy lips just fell off! Quick, grab my arm ” it™s going, too. And my leg!

Summerall also sheared off some of his hair with an electric razor in an inexplicable effort to resemble Bruce Willis.

œI remember some of it, he said yesterday, œbut not all the things my wife and kids tell me. There were things I had no recollection of, like singing œGod Bless America and œAmazing Grace at the top of my lungs.

He added: œWhy I had to look like Bruce Willis, I don™t know. I™m not a particular fan of his.