From The Guardian’s Chris Johnson.

Do great minds think alike? It would seem so. Following the recent takeover of Manchester United by Malcom Glazer, the US sports tycoon, today’s edition of the Sun plasters 12 possible new badges for the club all over page 62.

The paper says it “asked for your ideas on a possible revamp” and gives “many yanks” for its readers’ help.

Strangely, the Sun only credits two of the 12 badges to its readers. Could this have anything to do with the fact that all but one of the designs can also be found on the Guardian Unlimited Football website?

The spoof badges were sent in by Guardian readers and have featured on the site for the past two weeks.

The one Sun badge that does have a name on it – a mugshot of Mr Glazer with the slogan “New Manchester Burn!” – is credited to Steve Hare. Yet it was sent to the Guardian’s site by Nooruddean Choudry.

A Sun spokeswoman told that it “really didn’t want to comment”.

She added that the Sun had invited readers to send in their ideas on Monday and Tuesday. However, no such appeal can be found anywhere in either edition of the paper.