(collectively and individually, these guys blow)

I’m not sure what MLB and ESPN are trying to accomplish with their “Soundcheck” segments, but having the pinheads from Alter Bridge speak of their deep personal bond with Johnny Damon and Kevin “Plastic” Millar did nothing to make Jeff Johnson’s least favorite centerfielder seem any less idiotic. Likewise, tonight’s vingette from the inexplicably still-extant Collective Soul was only slightly less embarrassing than, say, watching Bud Selig dance in his underoos to Candlebox’s greatest hits.

If MLB is so desperate to make their sport relevant to the- young-people, surely there are other ways to do so rather than having AOR staples circa 1994 profess their love for the game. Perhaps a reality show about the comeback attempt of the above gentleman? (Apparently, Pete Rose Jr. can make a cameo).