The rich aren’t like you or I. Ok, they’re not like you.   If for instance, you’d put your business in the hands of an incompetent boob with zipper problems, the blow to your credibility and his would be such that the thought of ever entrusting that person again would never enter your mind.

(Thomas, shown with yet another of his many handpicked success stories)

This isn’t such a problem for Knicks owner / Cablevision chairman James Dolan, writes the New York Daily News’ Frank Isola.  In the wake of the Knicks’ failure to seduce LeBron James and team president Donnie Walsh denying he’s in no physical condition to do his job properly, Walsh claims Isiah Thomas is on New York’s short list to fill a GM seat vacated by….Isiah Thomas.

It was reported that former Trail Blazers GM Kevin Pritchard has emerged as a potential candidate to replace Walsh. Pritchard has solid credentials and is responsible for rebuilding Portland from a laughingstock into a playoff team in the Western Conference.

Pritchard would likely have the support of head coach Mike D’Antoni since they share the same agent, Warren LeGarie. In fact, LeGarie represents the entire Knicks coaching staff. Another candidate would be Allan Houston, who serves as a Walsh apprentice and is a favorite of Dolan, the Garden chairman.

But if the job becomes available, Thomas looms as a serious contender to make an improbable return to the Knicks’ front office. Thomas was removed at the behest of the NBA following the Garden being found liable in a sexual harassment lawsuit filed by a former female executive.

Despite the out-of-court settlement and the embarrassment it caused the franchise, Dolan has always felt that Thomas was a victim in the case and as such continues to be his most ardent supporter. Thomas is selling himself as an executive with a sharp eye for talent, having drafted Trevor Ariza, David Lee and Wilson Chandler.

There is no doubt that Thomas still has Dolan’s ear. When the Knicks wanted to make one last pitch to James’ camp, Dolan decided to send Thomas and not D’Antoni to Cleveland. Walsh contends that Thomas was heading to Cleveland for a college recruiting trip and volunteered to help the Knicks.