Phoenix was torched last night by newly-named All-Star Mo Williams (44 points, 7 assists) in a 109-92 loss to Cleveland. Afterwards, Suns manager partner Robert Sarver told the Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro that he will….well, continue to undermine Steve Kerr at every available opportunity.

“I’m responsible for the organization, just like any CEO is with any business,” Sarver said. “As such, with major decisions, I’ll be significantly involved and will continue to be.”

Sarver said his team, now 28-23, is “underperforming.”

Asked if a move to cut payroll or avoid future luxury taxes has been mandated, Sarver said, “If your payroll is high and you’re winning, that’s one thing. If your payroll is high and you’re not doing as well, that’s more disappointing.

“It’s going to depend what opportunities are available. Given the state of the economy and how the team is performing, it makes sense. If we have the ability to get under the tax and still have a good long-term future, then that is something we’ll consider.”

The Suns play well enough at times that Sarver said he thinks the team can succeed.

In assessing coach Terry Porter, Sarver said, “Terry came into a challenging job. Terry’s got room for improvement and could do a better job. He’s trying to do a better job. At the end of the day, he’s responsible for how we play, along with (General Manager) Steve Kerr and myself.”