Just a few thoughts in the wake of New England’s Groundhog Day.

1) An emotional Terrell Owens defended himself late last night against charges of selfishness, saying that if Brett Favre had taken the field under similar circumstances, he’d be called a warrior. Much as I dislike the attention-starved T.O.’s act, he’s got a point. Playing on one leg, he pretty much equaled the outpout of the game’s MVP, Deion Branch. Had the Eagles sought to pass to Owens more often last night, it’s very likely T.O. would’ve been awarded the Caddy.

2) And with that car in mind, not to take anything away from Deion Branch’s huge game, but Tom Brady’s numbers were good enough to justify winning the MVP award for a 3rd time. Except, of course, he’s suing the sponsor of the award.

3) Much is being made today about New England having given up 300 + passing yards in each of their Super Bowl wins. As even Phil Muschnick will tell you, said yardage is often the byproduct of the opposition’s failure to establish a running game, if not being forced to air it out while trailing. Donovan McNabb can take solace in the Eagles having had a chance to win with less than a minute left, but had he or Andy Reid recognized the need to go into a hurry-up/no-huddle offense minutes earlier, the Syracuse grad’s chances of getting Philly into field goal range would’ve been much stronger.