Colts 16, Bears 14 (3:36 remaining, 2nd quarter)

I think we can all concur that the single most exciting development surrounding this clash is the fact that Philip B. Wilson and The Edge are still on texting terms.

While I’m pleased to see Peyton Manning catching serious grief for his advertising work, today’s game also serves as an unwelcome reminder that Ian Michael Black is still whoring whatever little talent he’s got on behalf of
potassium benzoate pushers.

If you’re one of the 10 people that saw Steve Buscemi’s “Animal Factory”, I don’t have to sell you on the casting of Tom Arnold as a high school swim coach.

Just once, can we please have a major sporting event without one Big & Rich sighting? Other than the NHL All-Star Game, I mean.

David Spade playing the part of a lothario type in 2007 is just plain stupid. David Spade wearing a ziploc bag in public, however, is kind of funny, though probably not enough to base an entire situation comedy around.

I’m pretty sure I won’t be purchasing a Garmin GPS system anytime soon, but I was very happy to see Royston Vasey’s Creme Brulee’ making their long awaited comeback on behalf of the firm.

(Les McQueen, after getting bad directions to the Garmin shoot)