Presumably, Durex have already exhausted their marketing budget. From :

Sellotape and QPR are delighted to announce a brand new commercial partnership.

This lucrative deal will see Sellotape™s famous logo on all the player™s shirts until at least the end of the 2006 / 7 season.

This is a first for the Sellotape Brand and a prospect that excites Sales Director Colin Gadd “ who says œ This will place our brand at the forefront of peoples minds and target the consumer on a regular basis, through a format they relate to.

œQPR is a respected club, with a loyal fanbase. They have competed well in their first year back in the Championship and we are looking forward to even greater progress together

QPR’s club shop are promising, by the way, that the new home shirts will be available this weekend with or without the Sellotape logo, which seems to contradict Mr. Gadd’s lofty ambitions.