It seems as though the Mets’ 10-7 defeat of the Yankees was just the second best thing that happened in Flushing last Saturday, according to the New York Daily News’ Bob Raissman.

Suzyn Waldman, still upset over FranDog mocking her Clemens gaga trip the Sunday that Rocket announced his return to the Bronx (the frantic WCBS-AM radio description was played over and over), tore into Chris Russo after the two came face to face outside the Mets radio booth at Shea.

Russo, according to well-embedded moles, tried defusing the situation by telling Waldman, “We were just having some fun.” Waldman wasn’t buying Russo’s damage control/jive. She said she hoped he had “his two days of fun,” but had “ruined her life” in the process.”

Following her down a corridor, Russo tried calming Waldman. But his attempt to soothe backfired. Momma P, screaming, dropped two fat F bombs on Russo before accusing him of “talking behind my back” for “20 years.”

Waldman’s partner John (Pa Pinstripe) Sterling was marked absent during the blowout. No doubt he was high … far … gone.