Presumably, this is a step up from the Los Angeles Senior Men’s League. From the AP’s Bernie Wilson and the Los Angeles Times :

Jose Canseco returned to baseball Thursday when he agreed to a contract with the independent San Diego Surf Dawgs, planning to be their designated hitter and — get this — pitch.

The Golden Baseball League announced the deal Thursday night, saying the former AL MVP and Rookie of the Year will make his Surf Dawgs debut Monday night on the road against the Chico Outlaws.

The news release announcing the deal said Canseco will be the DH “and will showcase his knuckleball as a member of the team’s pitching staff.”

Canseco will be playing for the league maximum of $2,500 per month.

Before you smirk at the above tale, keep in mind that allowing Jose to pitch isn’t nearly as crazy as letting Kevin Kennedy manage (or host a radio program).

I’m doing my best to find something more entertaining to fixate on late this evening than the job Curt Schilling, Coco Crisp (above), David Ortiz and Jonathan Papelbon did on the Mets — the first time New York’s been swept in a 3 game series this year. And Jorge Julio’s implosion against the Mariners will have to do. Mark Grace described this disaster for the Snakes as something akin to “someone reaching deep inside your stomach and squeezing as hard as they can.”

Gracie is truly a man of the world. I’ve not had that particular life experience.