A prior commitment to lend my sage advice to the world’s preeminent music trade fair , South By Southwest, meant that I missed the entire 2nd half and both overtime sessions of today’s BC/Pacific thriller, won by the Eagles, 88-77.

(don’t ask Louis Hinnant about the 4 F’s. He’s too busy leading Boston College to the round of 32)

SXSW is truly the Kristallnacht of rock conventions. I’d sooner miss a human sacrifice, or any film from the 1970’s starring Martin Sheen, than not take part when called. So when I was asked to participate in a “Mentors Session”, imagine if you will, my joy at the thought of helming a roundtable discussion about the works of El Duce.

Sadly, this was not to be. The “mentor” part refered to my dubious role as a person in the rock biz who could impart helpful advice. Of which, I of course, have none (besides “marry a rich girl and get laser eye surgery”). No one wanted to talk about Sickie Wifebeater. No one knew the score of the BC/Pacific game. Everyone had a CD. In each case, the greatest CD ever made (though of course, accompanied by disclaimers about how it could’ve been recorded better, is due for remixing, etc.).

I emerged from this harrowing 90 minute exercise to learn that my bracket is already blown to fucking hell. Oklahoma were exposed as badly as Lance Rentzel, 82-74 by Wisconsin-Milwaukee. The Louis Orr Deathwatch is back on, what with Seton Hall’s 86-66 drubbing at the hands of Wichita State.