The Boston Herald’s Michael Silverman writes that Red Sox ownership is fumingover yesterday’s reports of Manny Ramirez demanding a trade, yet reserving the right to change his mind.

œI echo Theo™s remarks today that deplore leaks to the media regarding private conversations, John Henry said in an e-mail. œI was able to ascertain that today™s story on Manny did not come from the Red Sox.

A source on the Red Sox said the team was œfurious about the story but given that Ramirez has made and withdrawn similar requests in the past, having him possibly express a desire to be traded once again did not raise anybody™s eyebrows along Yawkey Way. Still, the breach in confidence reportedly bothered the Red Sox a great deal, even if the source was discovered not to be on the payroll.

However, if Ramirez™ request to be traded does remain on the table for a long period of time, the leak does no favors for the Red Sox, who would lose leverage if potential trading partners believe that Ramirez is forcing a trade.

Despite the Mets being on Ramirez’ list of teams that he’d reject a trade to, the New York Daily News’ usually reliable Adam Rubin claims there’s still a chance of such of a transaction being completed.

Ramirez’s agent, Greg Genske, has said Ramirez would want no part of the Mets if he were traded. But that won’t stop the Mets from pursuing Ramirez, according to someone familiar with the team’s thinking.

Given Ramirez’s oft-changing stances, it seems plausible Ramirez could be convinced by Omar Minaya and Pedro Martinez to join the Mets if the teams could strike a deal.