Spurs rookie G James White (not shown above) is wearing no. 33 for the winless Austin Toros of the NBDL this afternoon, currently trailing leading, 29-26 in the 2nd quarter. The combined star power of White, former Longhorns Kris Klack and Brad Buckman, and former no. 2 overall pick Jay Williams has resulted in a crowd of nearly 500, and a free parking space for your humble correspondent right across the street from the arena.

Note to White : though free wireless internet is available in the Convention Center, Dennis Johnson has made it very clear that reading the Goner Message Board during the game is strictly prohibiited.

The Nets’ Miki Moore would like it known by one and all that he’s not a deadbeat dad, writes the New York Daily News’ Juan Garcia.

Moore, an eight-year veteran in his second stint with the Nets, said he spent his time chatting with police, who first thought he was a Knick. He said he told police that he understood they were just doing their jobs.

In light of recent at MSG, Moore might want to start wearing Nets swag in public.

The New York Post’s Peter Vescey
examines David Stern’s handling of the composite ball debacle, and wonders if the league will take note of recent layoffs in Charlotte and Portland.

After so many successful decades, I’ve got to believe Spalding should be in a position to take a bath. That’s more that can be said for the 10 or so non-contract people fired by the Blazers and Bobcats two weeks before Christmas.

I understand Stern ultimately must answer to 30 owners. They are his bosses. Still, considering his obsession with image, it’s sickening that two billionaires would be allowed to waste working stiffs (except for one, I believe) with the holidays approaching simply to save some minor league money.

Paul Allen and Bob Johnson should be deeply ashamed for being so offensively insensitive. I assume their dismissed employees got some severance, but how long is that going to last? How are in-house staff (Bobcats VP of media Scott Leightman has a 10-week-old baby) supposed to get another job in their chosen field with another team when the season still has six months to go?

Maybe minority Bobcats owner Michael Jordan can use his influence to get some of them gigs in a sneaker sweatshop.